OF SOUND MIND BODY & SPIRIT: A Celebration of Music & Arts Salon in the CoVid Era!!! was born out of the idea (conceived by composer and music director Raul Salamanca Quines) of providing artists from all disciplines a platform on which to exhibit and/or perform their works realized, or in-the-works,  while in lockdown mode. The primary focus is “to encourage the artist” to continue on her/his artistic pursuit in light of the troubled times that we find ourselves in during the CoVid19 pandemic crises globally, as well as the racial and social tension that have set our country and the world on edge. With these topics at the fore, artists have gone to town, openly expressing their voices through their art.

Above is a video footage from our OSMBS Music & Arts Salon 2, as it was live-streamed on YouTube on Thursday, July 23, 2020. [More details on the program to follow.]

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