Raul Quines, Composer

Raul Salamanca Quines is a Filipino-American composer, songwriter and music director of N.O.W. Collective, a collaborative group of artists based in New York City. His chamber works have been performed by some of today’s lauded contemporary music ensembles, such as the Composers Concordance, Absolute Ensemble, Sweet Plantain, Soundclock Ensemble, Attacca Quartet and the Locrian Chamber Players; his orchestral works presented by the Vivace Orchestra (of Stringendo), West Chester Chamber Orchestra and the Manhattan Composers Orchestra.


Most recently, he hosted and performed on OF SOUND MIND BODY & SPIRIT: A Celebration of Music & Arts Salon in the CoVid Era!!! The collaborative effort of 11 artists from different parts of the world focused on their works realized while in lockdown during the pandemic crisis. Anna Maria Manalo (composer - Denver, CO), Camille Sledge (Singer-songwriter - Phoenix, AZ), Jeannine Baldomero (visual artist - Philadelphia, PA), Mario Gosalvez-Blanco (composer - Madrid - SP), Mark Strausman (chef - NYC), Nada Radulovich (cellist - NYC), So Young An (dancer/choreographer - NYC), Stiles FOETTFU (HipHop artist - NYC), Tu Nokwe (singer-songwriter, composer - Johannesburg, S.A.), Vita Koreneva (mezzo-soprano, composer - NYC), and Mr. Quines (composer, singer-songwriter - NYC). The Zoom online virtual presentation and concert performance was co-produced with Louis Brown (audio-recording engineer - NYC) and took place on June 20, 2020. 


Other collaborations include artists , Ko Ando, Eun-Kyung Kim, Guillaume LeMasurier and Nan Huh. As a performer and conductor, Mr. Quines has had the pleasure of working with artists the likes of Gene Pritsker, Charles Coleman, Elizabeth Weigle, Aisha Sudiarso, Iris Gross, Garry Press, David Cossin, Theo Bleckmann, Olivier Fluchaire, Michael Midlarsky and Isabela Quines. Finding as much delight in multi-media setting, he's worked with Kristjan Järvi and visual artist, Mark Kostabi at the Kostabi World, Paul Nugent in the production of Orson Welles' Christmas Carol with AboutFACE Ireland Theatre in Dublin, Ireland and with choreographer/dancer Jane Sato at the inaugural concert of N.O.W. Collective Performance Series at Tenri Cultural Institute in September of 2014.
While some of the compositions of Raul Quines have been described as "eclectic and complex," others are, simply put, "plain and simple." One of Mr. Quines's tireless endeavors is the incorporation of spatial design (spatial music) into his musical landscape in which a player (or sound-producing instrument) or group of players (or instruments) is strategically deployed throughout the auditorium in a specific formation or various configurations. Such unrestrained sonic-production are exhibited in the following spatially conceived pieces: A Reflection (for solo alto flute), A Dedication to John Cage (for alto flute, viola and prepared-piano), a LOVE song (for soprano, flute/alto flute, viola, tuba, percussion and narrator/actor/dancer), Surrexit (for soprano, chorus, brass quintet, percussion and organ) and, what the late Sir Georg Solti described as "highly imaginative", Temptation of the Lascivious Moon (for orchestra and sixteen players off-stage). Integrated onto his palette are elements derived from the renaissance period to the impressionistic, neo-classical, avant-garde, world music and rock ‘n’ roll epochs, and the pastiche of our modern-time’s diverse music and cultural environments. His inspirations are drawn from the multiplicity of life’s abstract and concrete offerings: birth, philosophy, psychology, mathematics, art, literature, movement, silence, musical borrowings, pop-music culture, ethnic music and traditions, J.S. Bach, reflection, dream, love, tragedy and death.
Mr. Quines is privileged to have received his musical training at the Manhattan School of Music, where he earned a bachelor of music degree in composition, and at CUNY Hunter College, where he studied composition and ethnomusicology and received a master of art degree. He has had the good fortune of studying with Lazlo Cser, Shafer Mahoney, Erik Lundborg, Giampaolo Bracali and Nils Vigeland. As a music teacher, Mr. Quines taught composition, music theory and ear-training at the Manhattan School of Music Preparatory Division. He currently lives in New York City, where he continues to work on his craft as a composer and songwriter. 

Raul Quines is a recipient of the American Music Center CAP Award. A number of the compositions of Mr. Quines are distributed by Building Moons & Arches Publishing. His works and services are available for hire.

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