Raul Quines, Composer & Singer-Songwriter

Raul Quines is an immigrant Filipino-American composer and singer-songwriter. Bouncing from the violin to several other instruments - from childhood through adulthood - set him up with a broad musical palette, as demonstrated in the balanced and rich soundscape in his songs. His soaring melodies and contrapuntal accompaniments are paired with thought-provoking lyrics that bring to bare the fundamental elements in his life’s journey: love and addiction, joy and fear, vulnerability and empowerment, resistance, acceptance, along with loss, and the mental and emotional strains that come along with “it”. When asked what his music sounds like, he says, “If Beethoven, The Beatles and Queen got together in a 1-man band, that’s what it might sound like!”

His newly released singles in 2024 - “There’s A Bridge” (solo guitar), “Lilac Wine” (voice and guitar) and “Mesmerized” (voice, piano, electric guitar and strings) - are now available on all streaming platforms! As well, his Solo EP, MOONS & ARCHES, debuted on April 26, 2024.

As a composer, Raul Quines has had the pleasure of writing for and collaborating with David Cossin, Michael Midlarsky, Isabela Quines, Gene Pritsker, Kristjan Järvi, Absolute Ensemble, Mark Kostabi, David Macdonald, the Locrian Chamber Players, Composers Concordance, Attaca Quartet, Vivace Orchestra (of Stringendo) and the Manhattan Composers Orchestra in New York and with Paul Nugent and AboutFACE Ireland Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. Select works of Mr. Quines are distributed by Building Moons & Arches Publishing. He is a recipient of the American Music Center Award.




Conducting the N.O.W. Collective chamber orchestra.

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Photos by Phil Pasag and Raul Quines