We provide Artists a platform to perform/exhibit their work, which we livestream to the public viewers at the comfort of their homes during these calamitous times. Your generosity will help defray our costs in subscription/licensing fees, audio and video gear, marketing, production, and administration and compensate our featured artists!

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N.O.W. FUNDRAISER For Our Music & Arts Community!

N.O.W. MUSIC & ARTS provides Artists a PLATFORM to exhibit and perform their work during these troubled times shaped by the CoVid-19 pandemic and the social tensions that have set our country and world on edge. Historically, artists have transcended civilizations through their art; and I feel that it is our collective duty as a society to assure they are supported in the days ahead.

Artists bring forth light, joy and sense of purpose to our community. On June 20th, we launched our first Music & Arts Salon on Zoom with eleven International Artists from multiple disciplines and ethnicities representing the United States, Russia, South Korea, Spain and South Africa! Since then, we’ve live-streamed five more Salon events on our “N.O.W. Music & Arts” YouTube channel.

In seven months, we’ve featured over three dozen International artists from around the globe, including South Africa's own legendary singer-songwriter Tu Nokwe and Manila's critically acclaimed concert pianist Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz, who resoundingly launched the N.O.W. Concert Series on November 19. Our "Holiday Celebration Around The World" Show brought to the N.O.W. Music & Arts stage award-winning classical guitarist and composer Daniel Wolff from Brazil, members of the Metropolitan Opera Chorus in NYC and America's own pop icon Sister Sledge!!!

We’ve set our bar high, staging some of today’s best talents on our multifaceted platform! However, we cannot carry on this unique and worthy endeavor on our own. WE NEED YOU. With your PARTNERSHIP as donor, WE CAN HELP transform our severely affected music and arts community. TOGETHER, WE can continue to avail our stage for the next artists. As well, viewers reap in the benefits with topnotch entertainment at the comfort of their homes while concert halls and performance venues remain closed, a sliver of light that lends itself to balance and normalize day-to-day living during these calamitous times.

We love what we do, as evidenced in our art! NOW, this incredible journey comes back in full circle with YOU ON BOARD. Your generosity will help keep our lights on and our vision alive! TOGETHER, we can continue to transform the lives of our brothers and sisters, parents and children, mentors and neighbors in our community! 

Please DONATE TODAY! Thank you so much!!!

Happy New Year!!! A Look Back at N.O.W. in 2020

We produced one show a month, seven altogether; and to cap off 2020, we'd like to share our Scrapbook with you, our new friends. If you're curious about what we are all about, this should do it in five minutes. This sums up what we've done all of 2020! You will find our programs unique, truly diverse, and good! Music are excerpts from "Salon Mexico" for Piano by Aaron Copland-Leonard Bernstein, as performed by Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz at the inauguration of the NOW Concert Series in November.

Until the next show in 2021, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Raul Quines, Founder & Director of N.O.W. Music & Arts

"PRELUDES, PATHOS & PYESTAS: A Pandemic Piano Performance" by Filipino concert pianist Jovianney Emmanuel Cruz, spectacularly launching the N.O.W. Concert Series on YouTube on Saturday, November 21, 2020! The entire concert performance is available to NOW Donors and on a pay-per-view basis on a sliding scale. Please send enquiries to 

Above is a video footage of Camille Sledge (of Sister Sledge) and company, from our Music & Arts Salon 2, as it was live-streamed on YouTube on Thursday, July 23, 2020. 

OF SOUND MIND BODY & SPIRIT: A Celebration of music & arts Salon in the covid era!!! fundraiser


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