Single released June 4, 2021!

As a singer-songwriter Raul Quines draws his style from Classical Music, the Big Band era, 60’s and 70’s Rock, Motown, R&B, Funk, World, Alternative, and the Pop music culture. The single “Mesmerized” shows influences of The Beatles and Queen; yet, it is also telling of the level of maturity and craftsmanship that is all his own. This song is rich and stocked with unmistakable elements of his classical lineage: the complementing vocal harmonies, Beethoven-esque string orchestration, and a Sibelius-meets-Bach contrapuntal writing of the lyrical cello-solo that, at the same time, anchors the soaring vocal line in the reprise. Raul Quines exhibits the qualities of a seasoned songwriter in this strong single song debut.

Black [& bLue]" and "Mesmerized" are available on iTunes,,, Apple Music, Tidal, iHeartMusic, Spotify, YouTube, and other streaming sites.

Black [& bLue]

Raul Quines

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"Black [& bLue]" speaks for itself. The vocals and piano were performed and recorded by Raul Quines.

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