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N.O.W. FUNDRAISER For Our Music & Arts Community!

Lux Aeterna: In Memoriam CoVid-19 Victims

Above is a video of my Lux Aeterna: In Memoriam CoVid-19 Victims, as premiered on YouTube as part of the N.O.W. Music & Arts Salon 2 on Thursday, July 23, 2020. Performed by the OctoQuines ensemble (eight of me that is - yikes!). All vocal tracks recorded by yours truly.

"Princess Nicotine" is a short comedy film in public domain made and produced by J. Stuart Blackton and Albert S. Smith in 1909. It is one of the first to cleverly incorporate camera tricks on film! Music includes a re-imagination of "Creep" (originally written by Radiohead and arranged/orchestrated for string orchestra by composer Raul Salamanca Quines). As well, included is an excerpt from "Back on Mars" (a tribute-piece to David Bowie) for string orchestra by Raul Salamanca Quines.

OF SOUND MIND BODY & SPIRIT: A Celebration of music & arts Salon in the covid era!!! fundraiser

OF SOUND MIND BODY & SPIRIT: A Celebration of Music & Arts Salon in the CoVid Era!!! - changed to N.O.W. MUSIC & ARTS - was born out of the idea of providing artists a platform on which to exhibit and perform their work while in lockdown. It is to encourage their creative pursuit during these troubled times staged by the CoVid-19 pandemic crisis, as well as the racial and social tension that have set our country and world on edge. Historically, artists have always had the ability to transcend civilizations through their art. And, I feel that it is our collective duty (as a society) to assure that their voices are heard in the days ahead. 

Despite having no work, many Artists have traversed the uncertainties and challenges to help relieve some of the social tension, while creating opportunities for our community. On Saturday, June 20th, we launched our first Music & Arts Salon on Zoom, which comprised of eleven international artists from multiple disciplines! The composers, singer-songwriters, dancer/choreographer, painter, cellist, rapper, and a chef presented inspiring video narratives and live-music performances, as you see here on this video. It is my vision to have this "Music & Arts Salon” an ongoing event monthly through live-stream presentations of diverse acts on YouTube and Facebook.

We cannot do this on our own however. WE NEED YOUR HELP! With your PARTNERSHIP as donor, WE CAN HELP transform our severely affected music and arts community. No donation is too little or big. With the funds we raise, the featured artists will be compensated respectably for their hard work, production costs can be defrayed and the remainder goes toward future salon productions highlighting works of artists worldwide.

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