This is my latest collaboration with the gifted and lovely choreographer/dancer Jane Sato at the inaugural concert of N.O.W. Collective. Jane's Dance is choreographed to my work, Para kay Bela, for viola and piano premiered at the Tenri Cultural Institute in Union Square (NYC) on September 13, 2014.
My intention with Music for Lamentation is far from daring to be original in musical shape, form, style or sound, but is closest to genuinely bringing to bare my  reflection on September 11. In the wake of the breaking news, global catastrophe, and the passing of the 13-year anniversary of September 11, I ask each of "you" to help raise awareness, recover what might be broken or an abandoned trust in the fundamental truth of humanity, and instill in the collective conscience of our communities that far greater things are born (than lost) from our human suffering.  (R S Quines)
Halfway through graduate school in 2006, I did a research on the music of UK rock-band Coldplay. Consequently, I made a number of transcriptions of some of their hit songs, "Yellow" being one of them. Originally written and recorded by G Berryman, J Buckland, W Champion and C Martin, I arranged "Yellow" for string orchestra to have as a closing number for the inaugural N.O.W. Performance Series concert on September 13, 2014 at the Tenri Cultural Institute in Union Square. I thought then that it was a brilliant idea to end the concert on a feel-good note with such a cathartic song. And I think it worked! {~:; This is how it turned out. 
At the recording of Music for Lamentation on April 9, 2011.

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Music for Lamentation live May 1, 2011