Lux Aeterna: In Memoriam CoVid-19 Victims

Above is a video of my Lux Aeterna: In Memoriam CoVid-19 Victims (for a cappella choir), as premiered on YouTube the N.O.W. Music & Arts Salon 2 on Thursday, July 23, 2020; performed by the OctoQuines ensemble (eight of me that is - yikes!). Completed mid-May of 2020, I composed this piece with the hope of pacifying the stresses, aches and pains that WE had undergone amidst the pandemic, globally; that this musical offering brought some semblance of hope and peace to those suffering and those who had lost their loved ones.

Copyright 2020, Building Moons & Arches Publishing

Fanfare Suite

This complete suite of "Theme and Variations" on Fanfare For The Common Man by Aaron Copland is from the NOW "Holiday Celebration Around The World" Show! [December 19, 2020]

I. For Solo Guitar by David Temple
II. "A Real Cheap Fugato" by Raul S. Quines
III. Transcription by Mario Gosalvez Blanco

(Violin - Anna Maria Manalo, Cello - Nada Radulovich, Double Bass Laurence Goldman, Guitars - Daniel Wolff and David Temple)

Video editor: Raul Quines
Coproduced by Louis Brown and Raul Quines

Copyright 2020, Building Moons & Arches Publishing

"Princess Nicotine" is a short comedy film in public domain made and produced by J. Stuart Blackton and Albert S. Smith in 1909. It is one of the first to cleverly incorporate camera tricks on film! Music includes a re-imagination of "Creep" (originally written by Radiohead and arranged/orchestrated for string orchestra by composer Raul Salamanca Quines). As well, included is an excerpt from "Back on Mars" (a tribute-piece to David Bowie) for string orchestra, also by Raul Salamanca Quines.

Below is my collaboration with the gifted and lovely choreographer-dancer Jane Sato at the inaugural concert of N.O.W. Collective. Jane's Dance, choreographed to my work Para kay Bela (for viola and piano), premiered at the Tenri Cultural Institute in Union Square (NYC) on September 13, 2014.

My intention with Music for Lamentation is far from daring to be original in musical shape, form, style or sound, but is closest to genuinely bringing to bare my  reflection on September 11. In the wake of the breaking news, global catastrophe, and the passing of the 20-year anniversary of September 11, I ask each of "you" to help raise awareness, recover what might be broken or an abandoned trust in the fundamental truth of humanity, and instill in the collective conscience of our communities that far greater things are born (than lost) from our human suffering.  (R S Quines)

Music for Lamentation live May 1, 2011